Baghdad International Airport

Baghdad International Airport is a huge airport having 3 terminals with spacious 592 Sq. meters of retail space in each terminal for duty free shop. Right now two terminals are operational and the third terminal is undergoing renovations and will be operational very soon. Iraq Duty Free shops are enjoying a retail boom since its inception in 2004. Our shops in Departure lounges of Yellow & Green Terminals have all the variety that you can find in any good duty free shop. Our speciality here is Fragrances & Confectionary. We have huge collection of world-famous perfumes which are highly liked by our customers. We have all the famous brands like Dior, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Joop etc.

Iraq Duty Free is operating the following shops here:
Departure Green Duty Free Shop
Departure Yellow Duty Free Shop
Arrival Green Duty Free Shop
Arrival Yellow Duty Free Shop

Baghdad City

Baghdad is the capital of Iraq and located in the center of Iraq. It is a historical city with a spectacular glory of the past. It was the city of rulers and kings which has seen ascend and descend of many dynasities for many centuries.

The population of Baghdad, as of 2016, is approximately 8,765,000, making it the largest city in Iraq, the second largest city in the Arab world (after Cairo, Egypt), and the second largest city in Western Asia (after Tehran, Iran). Baghdad accounts for 22.2 per cent of Iraq’s population. Baghdad International Airport is the only international airport to handle this much population. The growing population and a growing middle class is the main source of all retail activity. It is now a trend for middle calss to spend holidays in neighbouring countries like Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Giorgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan etc. It is a fact that Iraqi customers enjoy shopping and retail activity. THe weather of Baghdad is subtropical but evening in Baghdad is very lively and satisfying. The old bazars of Baghdad are always full of people and life never stops here. We are hopeful that Baghdad will regain its lost glory once again.